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Greenschool News November 2017

The children in St Louis Infants are no strangers to the Greenschools programme having been awarded flags for the themes of Litter and Waste, Energy, Water. They have now set their sights on “travel”. This theme is significant for all of us not just in relation to the environment but for our personal health and well being.  In recent years our travel habits have been changing. The 2011 census tell us that only 25% of primary school children walk to school compared to 50% in 1981.

We in St. Louis Infants are playing our part by setting realistic and achievable targets

  • Encouraging children to use “sustainable” travel to school. This includes walking (always with an adult as our children are very young).
  • Carpooling if walking is not possible.
  • Park/Stride. Quite a few people are doing this already. You can always leave your car a little bit away and walk the rest.
  • Travel by bus if it suits.
  • If you are into cycling or scooting why not? But make sure your child wears a helmet and is supervised at all times by you.


The aim of the Green school programme in St Louis Infants is to encourage parents, children and teachers to walk to school, Carpool, Park/Stride or take the bus instead of using single car travel.

We are all familiar with the traffic jams, fumes, noise, which are all the more stressful around school times in the morning. Be kind to yourself this Christmas. Take advice from the Infants School and practice our Green school code

“Walking is cool and very good for you

Let’s all walk to St Louis Infants school”


Please note


(Leave the car and walk to school)

Friday 1/12/17


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