Clean Air Week 23rd - 27th November 2020

The children enjoyed a special playtime activity on Wednesday the 25th of November. What better way to mark clean air week than to give the children the opportunity to experience the fresh clean air in their own school environment. What could be more uplifting then the sound of children at play. So it was for all of us in St. Louis Infant school as the children and teachers enjoyed the warm November sunshine. Laughter, fun and happy faces, we had it all as the children ran jumped, skipped, hopped, bounced and had fun. There were lots of characters too.  Mr Jelly Bean, Mr Giraffe, Mr Lion, Mr Frog and Mr Wolf paid a visit. There were games and races and just great fun. Many thanks to the class teachers for their careful planning and input. A special word of thanks to Miss Fitzpatrick for her selection of games. It was surely a playtime like no other.


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