Tree Day October 2020

Helping our Environment Tree Day1/10/20

One of the best things that we can do to help our environment is to plant trees. Trees do so much to keep the air we breathe clean and healthy. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and help reduce the risk of climate change. They also provide shelter and food for birds, insects and animals.
This year we will planted an oak tree. The oak has been described as the king of the woods and is greatly valued for its great beauty and the quality of the wood. The oak is a native Irish tree and while it had been very common it is now quite rare.
October 1st being tree day we took the opportunity to plant an oak in the grounds of our school. Some children from First and Senior Infant classes assembled for the planting. Kevin Clerkin, our caretaker, was there to prepare the ground. With the tree safely anchored the children all had the opportunity to hold a branch and have their photo taken.
The warm October sunshine shone down on us and there was a little treat for the children from Mrs Mc Carroll. Mrs Greenan and the committee ( Hannah,Bella, Donnacha, Sayan) planted bulbs at the base of the tree. We planted bluebells and crocus which are all bee friendly and should make a welcome appearance next Spring.
A very enjoyable and happy morning was had by all.



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