Science Week 2020

Science Week is an exciting and innovative annual event across the country. As this event unfolded from the 8th - 15th November, all the children in St. Louis Infant School were transformed into 'Little Einsteins' for the duration of the week! The fun-filled events were an ideal way to develop an interest in the world around us and at the same time develop the creativity of the children. Science Week gave each of the classes the opportunity to explore and investigate many areas of the Science curriculum. Children experimented with floating and sinking, water absorption and coloured patterns. They also experimented with the effects of healthy and unhealthy foods and drinks on our teeth through the egg experiment and the Skittles rainbow. One of the Senior Infant classes witnessed an explosion in the yard experimenting with coke and alka seltzer! The children made predictions, carried out the experiments, recorded their results and reflected on the outcomes. Every year the children look forward to other Science experiences outside of the school, however, this year the activities were brought live into the classroom! Thanks to Cavan Monaghan Science Festival, the children had the opportunity to engage in many online presentations and activities. The highlight of the week was Dublin Zoo coming live into the classrooms where the children were fascinated by all the stick insects! Astronaut Norah Patten also arrived telling the children of her fascination with all things space related. Other shows from Belfast Zoo and Little Einsteins were also thoroughly enjoyed by children and staff! We would like to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of Cavan Monaghan Science Festival for bringing all these events live to the classroom. It was an experience which we all enjoyed very much. 


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