Healthy Teeth

Mighty Mouth programme in St. Louis Infant School.

The Mighty mouth programme is a project that Senior Infant children in St. Louis Infant School take part in every year. It is a very beneficial initative to children and parents, which is facilitated by the HSE. This programme teaches the children about good health care with an emphasis on oral health. There are three main messages that the children take learn from the programme.

The first is to reduce the frequency and amount of sugary and fizzy drinks and confectionery in the diet.

 The second message is that foods from the top shelf of the food pyramid can contain a lot of sugar and fat and should only be eaten occasionally.

Thirdly that supervised brushing twice a day with a pea sized amount of fluoride toothpaste is essential.

Photograghs show the children receiving their “ Mighty Mouth” certificate from Mairín Mc Inerney from the HSE dental care.


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