General Info

School Hours 9.00am – 1.40pm

The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for children arriving before 8.30am or staying on after home time at 1.40pm.
School door will open at 8.30am.
Parents accompanying children to classrooms are requested to stay with children in front hall until 8.45, then proceed to classroom and remain there until teachers arrive at 8.50am. Unaccompanied children will be supervised in P.E hall until 8.50am.
Regular attendance at school is very important from the beginning.
School is obliged to notify Welfare Board if children miss more than 20 days.
Parents are asked to avoid taking children on holidays during school time.

School Uniform

Royal blue jumper or cardigan with school crest, blue blouse or shirt, royal blue tie.
Navy tunic or skirt for girls, navy trousers for boys.
Navy tights for girls, Black shoes
School tracksuits are royal blue and navy and are worn with runner shoes, twice a week, on P.E. days. [Teacher will notify parents specifying P.E days for each class.]
Suppliers of school uniforms and tracksuits in Monaghan are: The Fabric Centre
Bags and clothes should be marked with owner’s name.
The school cannot be responsible for items lost.

Break Times

Sos 10.20am -10.30
Lón + Play 11.50a.m -12.20p.m
This is a Health Promoting School and small healthy lunches are encouraged.
Milk will be provided from 2nd week onwards, at a small cost. Sandwiches, fruit and yogurts are acceptable.
No crisps, bars, sweets or fizzy drinks.

Parking at school

Parents are asked to observe Traffic Rules when parking.
No cars are allowed in school grounds.
There is no access to the Infant School from Convent Grounds or playground gate below Girls’ School.
Only children going home by bus are to use the small gate at 1.40pm

Home School Communication

Each child will be provided with a blue communication folder. Letters and notes from school to home will be sent in this folder. Please check this folder daily. Notes to school may be sent in this folder.


A note from parents to child’s teacher is needed if:
Child has been absent.
Child has to stay in at playtime.
Child has to be excused from some activity.
Bus arrangements are being changed.

Signing Out Note

Any child leaving school early must be signed out through Secretary's Office or Principal's Office

Holiday Calendar 2016-2017

School will be closed on the following days:


October Midterm Break

Monday 31st Oct – Friday 4th Nov.

(Re-opens Monday 7th Nov.)


Christmas 2016

Thursday 22nd December 2016  @ 12.00pm -  Friday 6th January

(Re-opens on Monday 9th January 2017.)


February Midterm Break

Thursday 23rd February and Friday 24th February.

(Re-opens on Monday 27th February 2017.)


St. Patrick’s Day

Friday 17th March


Easter 2017

Monday10th  April - Friday 21st April.

(Re-opens on Monday 24th April.)


May Day Holiday

Monday 1st May


Teacher Training / New Language Curriculum

Monday 22nd May


June Bank Holiday

Monday 5th June


Summer Holidays

Tuesday 27th June 2017 @12.00pm


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