Climate change workshops, Science week and the Greenschool programme

Senior Infants in St Louis Infants were very fortunate to have a visit from Sorcha Brophy from An Taisce on Thursday 16th November. Sorcha facilitated a workshop on “Climate Change” which proved interesting for teachers and pupils alike. “Climate Change” when you are only 5 years, what can it all mean? Thanks to Sorcha’s excellent communicative skills and the children’s innate curiosity the workshop was a wonderful success. Using strong visual aids and a hands on approach the children were fully involved and enjoyed it immensely . At the end of the activity  the children  had an understanding of Fossil fuels, CO2, and what each of us can do to make a difference. The children themselves had lots to say. “It is our earth. It is where we live and we have to look after it” “It is better to walk than to take the car”. “If you must take the car, park and stride or carpool by giving a lift to your friend. “It is better to travel by bus than by car”.  The workshop was educational, but nonetheless entertaining. Thanks to Sorcha, An Taisce and the Greenschool Programme for their ongoing input and support.


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