Back to School

Dear Parents, 

Many thanks to everyone that completed the HSE Parental Declaration Form. 

We will re-introduce the procedures from September to keep everyone safe and we would appreciate your support with these. As the whole school is returning all at once, these procedures must be strictly adhered to from Monday morning onwards. It is very important that there is no congregation at or near the school in the morning or after school. Come to school at the time allocated to your child’s class

Arrival time each morning:

Please do not come earlier than the time stated below

8.50am First Class

9.00am Senior Infants

9.10am Junior infants

Follow the One Way System.Enter via the main gate and exit via the upper gate. 

Please wear a face coveringwhile in the school grounds. 

Home Times

Please come at the time below. No queues or congregating

1.20pm – Junior Infants

1.30pm – Senior Infants

1.40pm – First Class

Lunch Times

Pupils will be given a designated area in the yard and staggered times to play outdoors at break and lunch times. 

School Uniform whole school 

Monday - PE Uniform

Tuesday – Full Uniform

Wednesday – PE Uniform

Thursday – Full Uniform

Friday – PE Uniform

We recommend Velcro shoes


If your child has a younger brother or sister in the school, they can arrive together but they must enter using the assigned door and can be collected at the time assigned to their classroom.

Early Collection

We ask that children are not collected early from school.


Visors and masks may be worn by staff. Warm water, soap, hand towels and sanitiser are all located in all classrooms. A large amount of cleaning products, signage and cleaning routines remain in place. 

We will monitor and evaluate these procedures regularly and we are grateful for your continued support. We are excited about returning to school and hope we all have a safe, healthy and fun term.


Many thanks to the staff, children and parents for your phenomenal work on Seesaw. 

Take care and kind regards,

Carmel McCarroll



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